HTMLtags is a set of convenience JSP/JSTL tags in a lightweight framework that assists in the rapid development of a data driven web application with a consistent look and feel. These tags can be used for User Interface Design and Analysis, and is even suitable as a complete development environment for simple web applications.


HTMtags requires a JSP 1.2 Web Container for deployment, such as Apache Tomcat.
The application available for download here includes a pre-configured documented example. You can see this at Application Documentation and Examples website including TLDdocs.

An example use of HTMLtags using the MySQL Sakila Test Database provides a good insite into practical usage. Sakila App provides various examples and includes access to view page source code.

Just how easy is it?


<table id="edit">
  <t:input name="exampleField" required="true" />

Example results are dependent on field validation and page scope variables, this example includes field validaition.

<table id="edit">
  <td class="labelREQD">Example Label:</td>
  <td class="REQD"><input type="text" name="exampleField" /> <span class="required">(*) Required Information</span></td>

Within this code, standard layout is controlled by styles, Field Labels, including label suffix and required text is all driven by pre-configurable settings.
Refer to the Application Documentation and Examples website which includes documentation and working examples.